Honeywell Humidifier Filters

Using a humidifier can help alleviate a lot of uncomfortable symptoms from dry throat and sinus problems to dry skin. If you live in a dry climate or you have to heat the house a lot during certain times of the year a using a good humidifier, like on of the popular Honeywell humidifiers is a great way to keep your skin, nasal passages and even your furniture in good condition.

Using a humidifier can be healthy if you are lacking moisture in your home, but don’t forget to change the humidifier filter regularly or you may be adding unwanted particles including bacteria to your air. Using wicking humidifier filters from Honeywell can help reduce the problem of white dust that can come from using certain types of humidifiers and if you change them regularly you shouldn’t have any problems with mold or bacteria. They provide an added layer of protection from mold or bacteria because they use an antimicrobial treatment on their filters. Continue reading

Humidifier Filters Guide

If you’re already using a humidifier, then you probably already know the importance of a humidifier filter. This site will try to educate you on the best types of humidifiers and humidifier filters for your situation and the best places to find them online.

If your water contains a higher concentration of minerals — a phenomenon known as “hard water — then humidifiers tend to create a kind of white dust over your room. This is the calcium which is the most common mineral in modern tap water.

There are different kinds of humidifiers, so I’ll discuss best-use practices Continue reading