Humidifier Filters Guide

If you’re already using a humidifier, then you probably already know the importance of a humidifier filter. This site will try to educate you on the best types of humidifiers and humidifier filters for your situation and the best places to find them online.

If your water contains a higher concentration of minerals — a phenomenon known as “hard water — then humidifiers tend to create a kind of white dust over your room. This is the calcium which is the most common mineral in modern tap water.

There are different kinds of humidifiers, so I’ll discuss best-use practices and filters for evaporative humidifiers (with and without wick filters), warm mist humidifiers, impeller humidifiers and the growing variety of ultrasonic humidifiers. Different kinds of humidifier filters are required for these different systems.

You’ll also learn about how microban technology and humidifier bacteria treatments can help you reduce bacteria and mold within your humidifier.