Bemis Humidifier Filters

Bemis humidifier filters are often the most neglected part of Bemis humidifiers. Most people assume that as long as the humidifier is still working then they won’t need to change it because it’s still collecting debris from the water. This is simply not true; Bemis humidifier filters do more than just collect debris.

Bemis Humidifier Filters

Bemis humidifiers are evaporative humidifiers. An evaporative humidifier, or cool mist humidifier, uses the natural process of evaporation instead of heat or other means to add the moisture to the air. Having a good humidifier filter is an important part of the system.

Bemis humidifier filters have two primary functions. One is to screen the water and wick it out of the reservoir to improve evaporation efficiency, the other is to screen incoming air improving air quality.

If you assume the humidifier filters are nothing more than a silly screen you will get subpar performance from your humidifier. You need to follow the recommended time frame for filter changes which is generally around once a season for a Bemis whole house humidifier, and a couple of times a season for a Bemis table top humidifier. Attempting to extend the life by washing the filters is generally discouraged because some cleaning techniques will destroy static charges, cause small ruptures in the filter, or remove and fiber coating from the filter.

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Bemis Bacteria Treatment Humidifier Filters

Some websites try to claim that the Bemis humidifier filters with bacteria treatment will kill bacteria from your air. This is not true. The primary function of this replacement filter is to prevent bacterial growth on the filter itself. Anytime you have a reservoir of water that is kept at a warm temperature you are risking bacterial colonies. These colonies can eventually add an odor to your evaporated water or even destroy your filter faster. The filter material is generally coated with an antimicrobial substance that inhibits bacterial growth, but you can also buy a liquid Bemis Bacteria Treatment that is added to the water in your whole house humidifier to control bacterial growth.

The bacteria treatment filters as well as the regular Bemis humidifier filters don’t just screen for debris and mineral deposits from hard water, they also wick water at the ideal rate for evaporation. The science of wicking filters is actually very technical and requires a precisely engineered filter. The Bemis wick filter helps humidify the room without adding a layer of white dust that some other types of humidifiers create.

Bemis Air Filters

The other half of the filtering equation is to improve the air quality of your home while adding humidity. The average humidifier will just have a standard screen filter, but higher end models like the Bemis Essick Air will add multi-stage filters to their air intake.

The first phase is primarily a screen, but the second phase is an activated carbon that will actually absorb odors. It’s a similar effect to putting Arm & Hammer baking soda into your refrigerator. Often these filters have an electrostatic charged to improve particle capture like the Ionic Breezes. In some models fragrances are added to the air also.

When considering your home humidifier, don’t forget to factor the cost of replacement humidifier filters and quality into the equation. Very good products wear out quickly when the accessories are an afterthought. Bemis has put as much effort into their humidifier filters as they have their humidifiers.

Bemis humidifier filters are top notch adding extra elements of comfort to home, keeping your equipment running smooth longer, helping the humidifier run on lower energy through proper wicking, and improving the air quality in your house.